Providing Marketing Intelligence

Marshall Marketing is a full-service resource, not just a data source.
High quality research, strategic analysis, expert consultation,
on-going education and continuous training are our priorities.


For over 30 years, Marshall Marketing has empowered media clients with the consumer research needed for successful marketing and advertising.

Marshall Marketing is the leading provider of qualitative research for the media industry.

If you have the vision, we have the know-how.


If you need research, Marshall Marketing has a research solution for your company.

The advantage of having Marshall Marketing as your research/consulting partner is our vast knowledge of local markets across the US as well as our experience in over 100 business categories.

What we do

We’ve conducted close to a million surveys across the country. We customize each client’s survey using demographics, geography or any other qualifying segment of the population needed.

Telephone Surveys

Tried and true, our phone surveys use the latest technology so your surveys are completed in a timely manner and with all statistical requirements met. With the use of a 83-line/CATI fieldhouse, we are positioned to handle multiple surveys – both large and small – through the year.

Online Surveys

The evolving marketplace demands new and innovative ways of collecting data. Marshall Marketing has a deep well of experience in all aspects of consumer research. Our online surveys have a quick turnaround time and employ the latest online techniques.

Website User Surveys

How confident are you that your website is targeting the optimal consumer group that would yield the greatest return? Have Marshall Marketing conduct an online qualitative study of those who visit your website! Going far beyond traditional visitor counts and unique, we can provide extensive demographics, website section ratings, user preferences, email capture and more!

Mail Research

Marshall Marketing specializes in designing, printing and mailing surveys to any population segment you choose..

Types of Surveys

The key to understanding your customers – or your clients’ customers – is having the right marketing intelligence! We offer several research options for you to choose from so you can reach the segment of consumers you need information on in a way that fits your strategy and your budget.


Consumer Behavior




Business to Business




Employee Satisfaction


Post Sales Analysis


Generations & Lifestyle Profiles


Customer Satisfaction


Media Habits


Political & Opinion Polling

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