All Customized, All the Time!

Marshall Marketing specializes in consumer research, analysis, consulting and training that goes along with mastering the data and making it work for you. Whether you are in the media, retail or business industry, we can customize a proprietary research program that makes sense for you. Oh, and we have the customer service to support it that is unmatched in our line of work.

A well-planned research effort eliminates guesswork. It helps companies give their customers what they truly want – not what companies think they want. And it helps lay the foundation for a marketing plan that will work.

At Marshall Marketing, we have developed a system that makes research and marketing intelligence actionable.

It consists of seven disciplined steps

1. Marketing Needs & Business Goals

Ascertainment meeting to determine your marketing needs and business goals.

2. Questionnaire

Questionnaire development meeting

3. Survey Design

Customized survey design

4. Data collection

  • Telephone interviewing (83 lines/CATI)
  • Online surveys
  • Mail out surveys
  • Self-administered surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

5. Data Delivery

  • ASCII format
  • Marshall Marketing presentation-ready software
  • Printed copy

6. Data Analysis

  • Generation & Lifestyle profiles
  • PowerPoint presentation Executive Summary
  • Marketing/Action plan

7. Tactics/Strategy Meeting

How to make your data actionable so that your original business goals are met