Our Clients

Marshall Marketing has over 30 years of experience working with local, regional and national businesses. Our Clients include:

Media Companies: Television stations, radio stations, newspapers, cable systems, circular printers, and direct marketing companies, etc.

Businesses: Hospitals, health insurance companies, financial institutions, auto dealers, furniture retailers, grocery chains, fast food chains, restaurants, department stores, discount stores, shopping malls, theme parks, wireless service providers, etc.

Other: Advertising agencies, national trade associations and non-profit charitable organizations.

Few of our Past and Current Clients

hearst tribune timewarner Sinclair   qunicy       artvan perrywinkles littlecasesars mattressfirm len keesler jordans Huntington hmc goodwill delmar giant childserve boston bobs BGE ashleytegna sun pitt billdodge  baxter visionsfcupen-fed-cu gray-tv nexstar newspress_gazette fox cbs meredithmidwest-broadcasting bluecrossblueshield

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