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Founded in 1985, Marshall Marketing is a marketing and communications company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with regional offices in California, Colorado, Washington State, Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Marshall Marketing is an established leader in providing relevant marketing intelligence gleaned from consumer market and media research.


Marshall Marketing has over 30 years of experience working with local, regional and national businesses. The Regional and Pittsburgh management staffs have over 150 years combined marketing experience in media, retailing and advertising agency involvement.

Marshall Marketing Client includes:

Media Companies: Television stations, radio stations, newspapers, cable systems, circular printers, and direct marketing companies, etc.

Businesses: Hospitals, health insurance companies, financial institutions, auto dealers, furniture retailers, grocery chains, fast food chains, restaurants, department stores, discount stores, shopping malls, theme parks, wireless service providers, etc.

Other: Advertising agencies, national trade associations and non-profit charitable organizations.

Data Collection: After 30 years in the business, we are experts in collecting information via telephone interviewing, online surveys, mail-out surveys and polling.

With a nationwide client-base in over 130 markets, Marshall Marketing profiles the shopping, demographic, lifestyle and communications characteristics of selected product/service categories on a market-specific as well as a national basis. The company conducts over 75,000 consumer interviews annually, and strictly adheres to accepted and proven methodological practices.

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